Game Night

Main events:
Magic the Gathering
Connect Four
We will have 50 plus games at this event. We will have six tournaments availible to enter. Our tournament game are Euchre, checkers, chess, Yahtzee, tic-tac-toe, Backgammon.

More News Coming

Logo Contest

Create a logo for Game Guardians. Here are the rules.
1. use your imagination and be creative.
2. your design must involve a game or games.
3. name your Guardian.
4. put your name on your drawing.

Entry fees:
one free entry with paid membership.
$5.00 for your first entry without membership
$1.00 for each additional entry.


Benifits of membership:
any contests sponsered by Game Guardians you get one free entry. one fre Game Guardian sponsered tournement entry per month. one Game Guardian t-shirt with yearly membership.
Monthly - $6.00, Quarterly - $15.00, Yearly - $40.00

Latest News

Monthly Game Night
Come join us in our monthly game night. On the second Thursday of the month at the LDS Church, 1404 South Crawford Street, MT PLEASANT, MICHIGAN 48858-4108 from 7PM to 10PM

Logo Design Contest
Year long contest to design a logo for Game Guardian.